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Questions You Should Ask Your Videographer

The wedding day that you took so much time and care to prepare will come and go, all too quickly. As you plan your wedding day, keep in mind that you will forget 90% of your wedding day... by the time you return from your honeymoon!

Your parents captured their wedding images with static photographs that did not preserve the living sounds and flowing movement of their special day. Today, however, you can preserve those living memories with Professionally recorded video.

You only get one chance so it is important to get it right the first time.

The best time to start looking for a Videographer is about twelve months in advance. There are several excellent Videographers in the Ottawa Area, a dozen or so good companies and a host of weekend warriors. If you want a specific Videographer or one of the more inclusive packages, start even earlier. Begin with recommendations from family and friends, looking through tapes for quality, style and formats that you like. As you view a demo tape with the Videographer, look for excessive pans and zooms. Does the Videographer seem to be in love with special effects? Cute effects get tiring very quickly.

Here are some questions to ask when interviewing a professional Videographer. If they refuse to answer your questions, go elsewhere. This is your wedding, not theirs. You have the right to be demanding.

  1. How long has this been your Full time business?
  2. What kind of equipment do you use?
  3. Who will actually be filming my wedding?
  4. What does the video package include and do some items cost extra?
  5. Do they have enough confidence in their work to give you a written money-back guarantee?
  6. Can they provide a ceremony highlights tape to show at your reception, given adequate time between the wedding and the reception?
  7. Do they only cover the wedding day activities or does their packaging cover other important events such as an Engagement party, a Bridal shower, a Stag and/or the Rehearsal/Dinner?
  8. Can they provide a projector and screen to show that 'Highlights', 'Love Story', or 'Growing-up montage' footage? This would be unusual but nice.
  9. Do they offer a low-cost option for a straight recording of the ceremony? (Justice of the Peace) This often does not include editing.
  10. How many tapes come with the package? What is the cost for extra tapes? Can you substitute S-VHS or DVD?
  11. Is the tape packaged professionally? Does it have a case, album, and printed labels?
  12. Is a deposit required? If so, how much?
  13. Can the Videographer arrive early to capture the bridal/groom preparations, moments with family members and unexpected situations?
  14. How is overtime handled?
  15. How long does the Videographer maintain the master (digital) tape?
  16. Some couples want a shorter version (highlights) of the wedding tape to give to their parents, bridal party and a few friends. How much more is that (VHS, CD,DVD) going to cost or is it included in the package?
  17. How far in advance must reservations be made?
  18. What is the cancellation policy?
  19. Can you select the background music? Is there a large selection from which to choose?
  20. Can interviews be interspersed throughout the tape?
  21. Can we get an S-VHS or digitally edited (MiniDV) master? Does this cost extra?
  22. Does the Videographer maintain the tape? If so, how long?
  23. What will the Videographer's attire be?
  24. Do your have a backup camera in case of problems? Most of today's equipment is fairly reliable but they can fail and they can be knocked to the floor. A videographer should carry a backup camera and even some extra wireless microphones. There is no second chance if anything should happen.
  25. Getting your video will take time. In the heart of the wedding season it will take more time. A rushed video will not receive the same attention. In this case, a quick turn-around usually indicates cookie-cutter wedding videos or a very large editing staff.

CineReal Pro-Video Productions

CineReal was established in 1990 by Wayne Schaler and Faye Powell. With only a single camcorder and their vision, they built the companies' foundation with wedding videography and events.

We use Canon GL2 3-chip digital cameras.

Wireless microphones or direct hookup to the sound system assures clear audio recordings.

We edit on the Matrox RTX100 Extreme Nonlinear editing system.

One Last Note

Both of you must feel confident that this Videographer will perform professionally and inconspicuously, and deliver a great video. If not, politely excuse yourself and find another Videographer.ding video, Nepean, Hull, Orleans, Kanata, Aylmer, videos, video,

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