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Bridal Checklist - Planning The Perfect Wedding

Please feel free to print this page to help you plan your special day. This Bridal Checklist is brought to you courtesy of CineReal Pro-Video. You can simply click on any of the links below to jump to your desired section to read online.

1. After your engagement 2. Four to six months before your wedding
3. Three months before your wedding 4. Two months before your wedding
5. Six weeks before your wedding 6. One month before your wedding
7. Three weeks before your wedding 8. One week before your wedding
9. The Big Day!

1. After your engagement

Check Contact your local paper to announce your engagement. This will likely get some response from friends and relatives. A picture of the couple is a nice touch.
Check Choose the date of the big day (and a backup date). If you are determined to have a June wedding, you'll have to make a lot of decisions early, as weddings in June are common.
Check Contact your church, synagogue or officiant to select a service and reserve the date.
Check Explore pre-marital counseling.
Check Start health and fitness plan if you're not already in one!
Check Find out what bridal shows are in the area and plan on attending. Bridal Extravaganza January 3-4/04 You will find bridal designers, caterers, photographers, Videographers, florists, and many more wedding-related companies at a bridal show. It is a great place to get information for your wedding!
Check Decide on size and style of wedding - an intimate gathering at your family home, or a full-scale extravaganza. Draw up a guest list. It is okay if you don't invite everyone you know - people will understand.
Check Establish how the wedding will be paid for - either yourselves, your parents, or whomever. Decide on a budget.

Contact your caterer. Don't be shy about asking for tastings. Ask if they can handle special diets.

Check Place your WEB Wedding announcement privately on the Internet to inform friends and family of the details of the upcoming nuptials. Following the ceremony, you can use the same site to share still scenes of your wedding with personal comments from friends and relatives, all over the world. We are now in the 21st century. Use the power and convenience of the World Wide Web.
Check Firm up Videography up to a year in advance. Since fewer good Videographers than Photographers, you may have to get one from out-of-town
Check Firm up photography, floral, and music arrangements.
Check Contact a Videographer, separate from the photographer. Combining the two services can split their limited resources.
Check Contact your florist, musicians, DJ service and a photographer. Hire people to do it your way, not theirs.
Check Consider hiring a wedding planner. Let someone worry about everything for you. You may even save money.
Check Plan an engagement party with family and friends. It is a good time to ask friends and family to serve as wedding attendants.
Check Shop for your gown and attendants dresses. Make sure to order your dress at least eight months in advance. Also, tell the shop your wedding date is earlier than it is, so any last-minute problems can be fixed before the last minute. And don't forget to think about a veil, accessories, and to schedule fitting appointments.
Check Plan your honeymoon. Contact a travel agency to help you plan your special trip.
Check Choose your engagement ring and wedding bands.
Check Reserve your reception location early. Reception sites often get booked up to a year in advance. If you are not sure about a location ask around, consider alternatives to the obvious: a local art museum, for example, can be a lovely place for a reception.

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2. Four to six months before your wedding

Check Register for wedding gifts.
Check Select the groom's attire.
Check Decide what the bridesmaids and ushers are to wear. While the final decision is yours, it's quite important that the bridesmaids like what they will be wearing, or they won't have fun. Listen to them. Reserve wedding-night accommodations. After the busy day you will both be exhausted.
Check Make your final decisions about your honeymoon, and contact the travel agency to make your reservations.
Check Order invitations, announcements, and thank-you notes that you will be writing when you come back from your honeymoon.
Check Call City Hall for information on wedding license requirements.

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3. Three months before your wedding

Check Select and discuss your color schemes with the florist/decorator of choice for wedding and reception.
Check Research and select readings and music selections for ceremony.
Check Reserve your wedding day rental equipment.
Check Make arrangements for rehearsal dinner.
Check Choose men's formalwear.
Check Help both mothers coordinate and find their wedding day clothing.
Check Select your baker, then choose and order the bride's cake, and the groom's cake.
Check Review your contracts with all of your vendors and service providers (*DETAILS*)
Check Prioritize, then finalize and alphabetize the guest list (it will be much easier to keep track of responses).
Check Hire a calligrapher to address your envelopes. Your stationer can recommend a good one.
Check Choose small gifts of appreciation for the wedding party. A personalized Highlights Wedding-Video tape is very unique. Choose your favours.
Check Make arrangements for the wedding party's transportation to and from the wedding and reception.
Check Do a hair and makeup run-through, and don't panic if you do not like what you see - there is still plenty of time.
Check Finalize plans for the rehearsal dinner, the attendants' luncheon, and any other events surrounding the wedding.
Check Announce your wedding in the local newspaper.
Check Reserve a block of rooms at a nearby hotel for out-of-town guests. Consider arranging for welcome gifts to be in their rooms when they arrive fresh flowers are always appreciated.

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4. Two months before your wedding

Check Mail out invitations and announcements. Update your WEB Wedding site.
Check Make an appointment with your doctor for a complete physical and blood test.
Check Have groom choose gifts for his best man and ushers.
Check Record gifts and begin writing thank-you notes.
Check Start fittings on your gown, as well as your attendants. Earlier fittings will not take into account physical changes.
Check Make appointment with photographer to set timetable & schedule formal wedding portrait.
Check Arrange attendants' parties.
Check Finalize all honeymoon plans.

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5. Six weeks before your wedding

Check Mail the invitations.
Check Record RSVPs as they arrive, and write thank-you notes as gifts are received, but don't mail them until after the wedding.
Check Submit a song list to the band. It's just as important to tell them what you don't want to hear.
Check Decide on ceremony music.
Check Rehearse the first dance. Make it a fox trot; a rhumba, a waltz, even a tango. Take some quick lessons if you do not know how.
Check Make a list for your photographer and of the photographs you want taken. Make a list of the people you want in the table interviews for your videographer.
Check Purchase a wardrobe for your honeymoon.

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6. One month before your wedding

Check Obtain your marriage license.
Check Have your attendants' parties.
Check Create a calendar of events for the wedding day.

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7. Three weeks before your wedding

Check Change name on all necessary documents.
Check Make final check with florist for delivery times and fees.
Check Time for your final dress fitting. Remember to try it on with the undergarments, jewelry, and shoes you'll be wearing to the wedding.
Check Prepare announcements now, so they'll be ready to be mailed right after the event.
Check Make sure all attendants have a copy of the wedding-day schedule.

Go over final arrangements with caterer, photographer, clergyman, and DJ service. Confirm everything: officiant, hotel, florist, videographer, photographer, band, clergyman, DJ Service, caterer, and anyone else you're depending on.

Have the Videographer and Photographer tour the locations you want covered to be certain they cover your personal needs. Do not accept the excuse that 'All weddings are the same', and they do not need to check them out.

Make certain that they are going to be dressed appropriately. Do not accept the 'We are Artists' excuse. Offer them a tie if they do not have one. Casual clothes at a wedding is disrespectful. Especially since you are paying them for it.

Check Give your caterer the guest count, and if you're having a seating chart, give the calligrapher a list of names for place cards.
Check Pick up your wedding rings and make sure that the engravings are correct and they fit.
Check Contact the guests who have not responded to your invitations.

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8. One week before your wedding

Check If you can, take the week, or part of the week off from work!
Check Pick up gowns and accessories.
Check Wrap attendants gifts.
Check Give the bridesmaid luncheon.
Check Pick up tuxedos - check sizes and accessories
Check Start packing for your honeymoon as you will not have time later. Purchase travelers checks, and confirm honeymoon reservations.
Check Break in your wedding shoes. You'll be on your feet for hours.
Check Finalize guest count and make any necessary changes to the seating chart.
Check Don't forget: guest book, cake knife, attendant's gifts, place cards, and programs.
Check If professionals are doing your hair and/or makeup, determine the time they will need.
Check Confirm transportation for the wedding party.
Check Have your wedding ceremony rehearsal. Insist that the Videographer and Photographer attend for last minute changes.
Check Instruct your wedding party on what they will be doing on the day of the wedding.
Check Have your rehearsal dinner.
Check Give the best man the amounts your vendors are to be paid on the day of the wedding.

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9. The Big Day! Your Wedding Day

Check Allow at least two hours for dressing.
Check Allow plenty of time to apply your makeup and style your hair.
Check If photographs are to be taken before the ceremony, allow plenty of time for that!
Check Remember to bring the rings and marriage license.
Check Seat guests as they arrive.
Check The groom's parents should be seated about 5 minutes before the start of the wedding.
Check Mother of the bride is normally seated last.
Congratulations! We wish you much happiness in your future life together.

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