WHY CineReal CineReal?

You are reading this because you know, video, whether on Tape, CD-R, DVD, or on the WEB has a power to reach your clients, potential customers and employees that can't be matched by other media.

You are faced with this confusing array of media types such as Tape, CD, DVD, and Internet Web presentations. Before today, choices were limited.

Normally, you would better advised to hire a professional production company, like CineReal Pro-Video, to deal with the technology and the production process. Since this is how they survive, you can see why production outfits have a vested interest in you being overwhelmed by the equipment and production routines.

If you decide to control the projects in-house and try to keep costs under control, you are forced to buy from a storefront operation with clerks who only understand what they read on the box. You have to install the equipment, test it and then deal with a learning curve coming from an array of instructional manuals.

So again, why go to CineReal Pro-Video?.

As a Matrox Gold Reseller we can offer you the same state-of-the-art equipment as other dealers and at a good price. But that is where the similarities stop.

Most dealers have their RTX100's in boxes piled in a corner of their storeroom. ===> CineReal orders each system at the time of your order so you always get the latest configuration of hardware and the newest version of the operating software.

The better Dealers will have a demo system in their showroom where they will show you Matrox's extremely well prepared demo. This demo will have little or nothing to do with your business or even the normal day-to-day operations of a production house, but video editors are usually quite impressed. ===> Instead of a demo system, CineReal has a working production machine that is used daily to create Industrial, Corporate and Training Videos for their clients.

Remember the sales clerk who only knows what he reads on the box. Chances are you know more about the system than he/she does. Not exactly a confidence builder . ===> In fairness, we also refer to the manual on a daily basis when we want to try a new feature from this multifaceted NLE system. Chances are, we will be able to answer your question from our working experience with the system.

With some dealers, the boxed RTX100 system is all you get. Others might provide a turnkey system. But then you are on your own. ===> CineReal Pro-Video will also provide you with the boxed RTX10, RTX100 or our Corporate Pack turnkey system. As well, they will provide consultations services helping you to set up your video production studio or we will install it for you. We can sell you acquisition equipment (digital cameras). We train you and your staff on the full Corporate Pack system as part of our service. If you are located in Canada's, National Capital Region, CineReal will advise you on your video projects, back your company with an extra camera person when you are short on staff, and even help you with the editing of your work. If all of this is not enough, we will do the job for you using our own facilities, as a backup, to yours. .Two full production studios operating on your corporate projects Try finding another Reseller, anywhere who will offer this level of service.

As you can see; CineReal Pro-Video is not your average equipment Reseller. We are redefining the definition of Service.

"What some Resellers lack is the personal and creative attention that can brings your video productions to a higher level and makes the investment, in promoting your product or service, cost-effective and memorable. You become a number on a balance sheet. Your customer-service representative, often has never even attended a video shoot. They have never picked up a camera, checked an audio level, or rolled a tape machine during an editing-suite session.

Your CineReal representative can be a part of your video production project, be it commercial or personal, from conception to completion. Our people have what it takes to make every dollar you spend, worth the cost."

CineReal's unique operating procedures set it aside from other operations, allowing for a more versatile and flexible environment for our clients. By appointment only, CineReal normally operates between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. However we will work round the clock, seven days a week, to meet our customer's needs and to provide timely turnover. If you cannot meet within our scheduled hours we will meet at your convenience. If there is something else we can do for you, ask, we will probably be able to help you.

SUGGESTION: If you are committed to another operation because of past ties; use our level of service as a prod to improve your situation. Tell your current supplier that you want the CineReal level of quality service if they want to keep your business. This way we can all redefine the definition of Service. If we cannot get your business, at least we can improve your satisfaction.


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