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Matrox RTX100 - Realtime Nonlinear Editing

Matrox RTX100 lets you work with two video streams and a 32-bit, uncompressed, animated graphics layer in real time. Choose from organic and 3D transitions, 2D and 3D DVE, and transparency effects – in real time, NO RENDERING!

The realtime editing power of RTX100 gives you the creative freedom to experiment. There’s no penalty for changing your mind. Everything happens instantly, at full online quality, and you see the results immediately on your PAL or NTSC monitor.

Instant random access to any frame in your project gives you a very responsive realtime scrubbing interface. You can see what's happening at any point in your timeline, at full quality, whenever you want – without waiting for a preview to render.

Quality, speed, and creativity without compromise – that's the RTX100 promise.

Realtime keyframeable 3D perspectives

Realtime particleeffects

Realtime distortion effects with simultaneous dissolves

Realtime distortion filters

Realtime particle effects, distortion effects, and keyframing.




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