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Matrox RTX100 - RTX10 Matrox Flex 3D Architecture

The revolutionary Matrox Flex 3D architecture gives you an unlimited variety of 2D and 3D digital video effects and transitions in real time, at the full quality level of conventional broadcast 3D DVE equipment, but at a small fraction of the cost. It also gives you much more creative freedom than competing products that only provide slow software rendered effects while you sit and wait.

All you really need to know about the revolutionary Matrox Flex 3D architecture is that it gives you broadcast-quality 2D/3D DVE and transitions in real time. If you're curious about HOW we do it, read on.

Flex 3D is a fully programmable architecture that applies 3D texture mapping to video using a Matrox 3D graphics accelerator chip and graphics memory. Motion video or graphics are treated as source textures and mapped onto polygon-based 3D shapes such as page curls, planes, and particles. Broadcast-quality effects are achieved using special features that are built into the 3D-accelerator chip and exploited through the Flex 3D architecture:


The fact that Flex 3D is fully programmable means that additional effects can be added via supplementary software. An unlimited variety of brand new effects, that have never been seen before, can be developed. For more on Flex 3D, see our white paper.

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