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Matrox RTX10, RTX100 - Native-DV Editing

"With DV cameras becoming more affordable and the DV format offering low data rates while maintaining high image quality, the optimal editing format for cost- and quality-conscious professionals becomes clear. Edit in DV, then output DV, MPEG-2, or analog video, whatever your project requires. Matrox RTX100 does it all."

Native DV Editing Native DV Editing Workflow
DV is a high-quality format that has been widely accepted by broadcasters and professional video editors. To realize the full quality potential offered by DV, your editing system must share a common bitstream with your DV camera and VTR. Ideally, you record DV in your camera, then digitally transfer your DV material via a 1394 interface to your editing system in the material’s native format. This way, you avoid recompression passes that degrade the quality of your video when you convert to MPEG-2 or M-JPEG. You also avoid analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions that would be necessary without the 1394 link.

Matrox RTX100 provides native editing for all DV formats including Panasonic DVCPRO, Sony DVCAM, Sony Digital-8, and the consumer DV format used by Sony, JVC, Canon, Sharp and Panasonic.

For more on Native DV Editing see our white paper.

Native DV Editing Workflow - No conversions, No recompression

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