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Founders Wayne Schaler and Faye Powell established CineReal Pro-Video Productions back on January 1, 1990. The company name was registered, surveys were conducted, and training courses were continued, equipment was purchased and the doors opened in the fall of that year.

CineReal is based in Ottawa, Ontario and serves Canada’s National Capital Region on both sides of the Ontario/Quebec border. We offer Wedding, Event, and Commercial Video Services. We are Ottawa's Matrox Gold Resellers for the Matrox RTX10 and RTX100, non-linear editing systems since 2000 (Now with Multicam). We actually use these NLE systems in our own productions studios at 424 Queen Street. We are not Store-Front Clerks. We use what we sell, in the Real world.

The CineReal Corporate Pack -- Matrox RTX10 and Matrox RTX100

We were one of the first companies in Ottawa to offer Non-Linear services to our clients. Always wanting to be in the forefront of the video production revolution, we have set up our third Non-linear editing systems from Matrox. They are the Matrox RTX10 and the the RTX100-- CineReal Corporate Pack. We have revamped our editing studio to take full advantage of its incredible power and versatility. We have found it so powerful that we have become Gold Resellers for Matrox. We offer the system and will provide training to companies who wish to produce their own in-house videos.

The Video System

Video Production is a key element in the world's communication mix. Since 1990, CineReal Pro-Video Productions has been serving the consumer and corporate world through our creative and technical expertise. Envision, unleashing the power of your imagination and turning into reality. CineReal strives to make it happen. Our video productions include Wedding Videos, Anniversaries, Reunions, Real Estate Videos, Training Videos, Seminars, and more.

We use two or three unobtrusive, digital cameras (Canon GL2) on most productions, which allows for great flexibility in how we approach each project. This also allows us to plug in any additional microphones such as our AZDEN Wireless. Pro-level productions can also involve an Audio Technician on a Mackie 1402 VLZ line mixer and a live video mixer. CineReal upgraded its equipment to nonlinear production, eliminating generation loss with traditional analog editing. Nonlinear production has enabled CineReal to give its clients unlimited flexibility during the postproduction process.

Each project is approached more on pride than profit. We want to make your video special. We spend many hours fine-tuning your project using quality effects, character generation, and more until it is a project good enough for you to show off. With our combined experience of Graphic design and Video production, we have the knowledge and drive to make your project special and a bargain for all of the work involved.

Justify the Cost

"What most production facilities lack is the personal and creative attention that brings your production to a higher level and makes the investment, in promoting a product or service, cost-effective and memorable. You become a number on a balance sheet. Your customer-service representative, with whom you established that wonderful rapport, does not even attend your video shoot. They never pick up a camera, check your audio levels, or roll the tape machines during your editing-suite session. Your CineReal representative takes part in you video project, be it commercial or personal, from conception to completion. Our people have what it takes to make every dollar you spend, worth the cost."

CineReal's unique operating procedures set it aside from other production companies, allowing for a more versatile and flexible environment for potential clients. By appointment only, CineReal normally operates between the hours of 11:00am and 10:00pm. However we will work round the clock, seven days a week, to meet our customer's needs and to provide timely turnover. If you cannot meet within our scheduled hours we will meet at your convenience.

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